Learning a language doesn't have to be about rote memorization. Instead, there are many effective and enjoyable ways to learn a new language, such as through immersion, conversational practice, and engaging with authentic materials like movies, music, and books. By focusing on developing a deep understanding of the language and its structure, as well as building your vocabulary and grammar skills, you can learn a language in a more meaningful and sustainable way.

Our goal is to make learning language not boring anymore, We are trying to open up a new world of language learning for you.


We build Trancy that lets you turn YouTube and Netflix into personalized study materials. We offer a range of features to help improve your vocabulary, pronunciation, and listening skills. Some of the features of Trancy include bilingual subtitles, an immersive video-watching experience, innovative reading patterns, and AI-powered translation. Trancy also offers various training modes, including listening and speaking exercises. as well as tools to allow you to create your learning decks and save them for future reference. By creating your learning decks, you can customize your language learning experience, and make it more effective and fun.


Currently, Trancy only has an extension and a web-based learning center. We will focus on mobile development in the future to truly allow users to learn anytime and anywhere in a comprehensive way. In addition, we will support more streaming websites and music websites, and try to convert popular podcast content into language-learning materials.

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