AI Subtitles

Trancy uses OpenAI's Whisper speech-to-text service to asynchronously convert YouTube audio into subtitles. Compared to YouTube's own machine-generated subtitles, Trancy has improved segmentation by 80%, resulting in more accurate and easier to understand translated subtitles.

Power by Whisper

How to Use

Trancy AI subtitles are easy to use. Premium members just need to click the start icon and wait for about 2-5 minutes to replace the original machine-generated subtitles.

Step 1 : Launch AI subtitles

Start Trancy and click on the AI subtitle icon in the player control bar to add the video to the AI processing queue.

Step 2 : Wait for AI processing

AI subtitles typically take about 2-5 minutes to process, during which you can continue watching the video normally.

Step 3 : AI subtitle replacement

Once AI processing is complete, the original subtitles will be automatically replaced with the newly translated AI subtitles.

introducing Trancy Premium

Trancy Premium can unlock more AI features, including AI subtitles, AI word definitions, AI grammar analysis, and AI spoken language.

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Answers to frequently asked questions. For any other inquiries, please email us at

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