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Trancy has received widespread acclaim from users since its launch, and we will continue to improve the product to provide better service.

I must say that this software is really great for improving English. I haven't seen anything better than this. I strongly recommend giving it a try. Its effectiveness lies in the fact that learning a language fundamentally requires massive input, and with this tool, you can easily achieve that!
Chrome User
This plugin is really useful. It has been a great help to me. I can understand more videos, read more articles, and even add new words while highlighting repeated ones for memory stimulation. It's truly fantastic, and I hope it continues to improve.
Edge User
The desktop plugin is already perfect, and I'm pleasantly surprised by the usability of the recently released mobile plugin. It allows me to access the core features of Trancy on my phone, which is incredibly convenient. It also supports Firefox and Brave browsers, which is fantastic.
Chrome User

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