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AITalk is an oral English practice app based on ChatGPT. The biggest feature is that it can customize a real oral dialogue scene, get rid of fixed oral dialogue content, say goodbye to nervousness and embarrassment, and persist in confident speaking for 30 days.


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Learn to speak up to 10 languages and discover new opportunities in life.

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Highlight Features

AITalk is not just a simple oral English practice, we have integrated many highlight features on this basis.

Speech Assessment

Integrating Microsoft's speech assessment service, multi-dimensional assessment of oral English ability

Realistic AI Voice

ChatGPT cooperates with Microsoft's voice pronunciation, making the effect more natural and realistic

Multiple Training Modes

Support two modes: follow-up and free dialogue, to meet the needs of users with different abilities

ChatGPT Smart Tips

For questions that cannot be answered, ChatGPT can provide smart tips with one click

Original Sentence Translation Support

All dialogues support original text translation to help better understand the dialogue content

Real Oral English Scenes

Get rid of fixed practice methods, multiple classifications, diversified scenes to meet daily language needs

Customized Dialogue Scenes

Create real customized dialogue scenes, learn and use actively, with unlimited possibilities

Authentic Expressions

Use ChatGPT to analyze the answered sentences in a targeted manner and provide more authentic expressions

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