Translation Package

Trancy OpenAI and DeepL Translation Engine Optional Package

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If each article has 10,000 characters, the approximate number of articles that Deepl and GPT can translate is approximately:
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Usage of the package has no expiration date and does not reset at the end of the month
Support DeepL translation engine
Support OpenAI translation engine
The price is roughly equivalent to the official pricing of DeepL and OpenAI
DeepL 1$ ≈ 50,000 characters
GPT3.5 1$ ≈ 1,500,000 characters
Trancy charges only a 15% commission
To enable more users to enjoy the quality services of DeepL and OpenAI, Trancy only charges a 5% commission from the Stripe payment partner and a 10% maintenance fee for the servers.


Answers to frequently asked questions. For any other inquiries, please email us at hello@trancy.org

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Which translation engine, DeepL or OpenAI, has better translation quality?
Does the usage quota reset monthly or have an expiration date after purchase?
Are the usage calculations the same for DeepL and OpenAI?
Is it possible to get a refund for the purchased usage?