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Trancy helps you turn YouTube and Netflix into personalized study materials. You can build your vocabulary and grammar skills, Improve your listening and speaking abilities.

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Learn to speak up to 10 languages and discover new opportunities in life.

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immersive video watching experience

A new theater mode helps you purify all distractions on the page and focus more on the content itself.

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subtitlesBilingual subtitles

Improve the accessibility and comprehension of video and movie content, AI translation helps you better understand the dialogue and enhance your language skills.

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view_in_ar_newSuccinctly and Focus

Unlike other extensions, Trancy does not insert new features into the existing interface. We present videos in a cleaner and more focused way in our interface. It can better provide language learning tools for you to use.

skip_nextSkip next/previous by sentence

Focus on specific sentences or phrases, move quickly through a video without missing important information.

repeat_oneOne sentence loop

Practice and improve your pronunciation and listening skills more efficiently.

Innovative reading patterns

See all of the subtitles for a video at the same time, better understand the context of the sentences.

articleFocus on subtitle

The innovative reading pattern feature allows you to see all of the subtitles at the same time and to resize the video window. you can focus your attention on the subtitles and better understand the context of the sentences.

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home_storagePersonalized study materials

Trancy lets you save new words and favorite sentences, build a personal database of learning materials. This database will appear repeatedly in the subtitles of future videos you watch and train with. This can help you review and reinforce the material, and support your language learning goals.

Intelligent sentence segmentation

Divide a continuous stream of text into individual sentences base on NLP.

AI translation

Using AI translation for machine-generated subtitles, understand the content of more accurately.

Part-of-speech (POS) tagging

Use natural language processing (NLP) to identify the grammatical category of a word in a sentence.

Multiple themes

Create a personalized study environment that suits your style and interests.

Variety of training methods

Help you improve your vocabulary, grammar, listening, and speaking skills in all aspects

headphonesListening mode
record_voice_overSpeaking mode
fact_checkSelection mode
font_downloadFilling mode
keyboardDictation mode
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VibrationMultiple modes

Trancy offers a range of language training modes that cater to different levels of difficulty, you can improve your vocabulary, grammar, listening, and speaking skills, and become a more confident and fluent language learner.

Fine listening mode

Focus on each sentence, and listen to it carefully, without being distracted by the rest of the audio.

Speak with confidence

Express your ideas and thoughts more effectively, and communicate with others more fluently.

Improve muscle memory

Practice typing words and sentences from video subtitles, Improving your muscle memory.

Intelligent prompts

A range of intelligent prompts tools that can help you complete various types of training.

Creating your own learning decks

A great way to personalize your language learning experience, and tailor it to your specific needs and goals.

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smart_displayWatch it later

Organize your favorite videos in one place for easy review and revision, share it with your friends, and learn languages together.

featured_play_listReal-life sentence

Save your favorite sentences to your library, Review and apply them to real-life language communication.

list_altStudy what you want

Customize your learning experience and focus on the topics and languages that matter to you.

devices_otherAnytime and anywhere

With the web-based learning center, you can learn languages anytime and anywhere according to your preferences and needs.

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More features

We will continue to develop and improve more advanced and comprehensive language learning tools.

Speed playback

Adjust the playback speed of the video to help better understand and practice the language.

Word highlight

Look up and save new words from the subtitles and highlight them for future reference.

Fonts adjustment

Customize the size and style of the subtitles, to make them more readable and accessible.

Lifelike Text to Speech

Improve pronunciation and speaking skills by natural sounding text to speech voices.

External dictionary

Access external web dictionaries, more detailed and professional look up words and phrases.

Shortcut ready

Fly through your leaning tools with keyboard shortcuts for everything. Literally everything.

OpenAI Syntactic analysis

The use of AI and natural language processing technology provide with detailed syntactic analysis.

Speech recognition

Use speech recognition to improve your listening skills and pronunciation.

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The extension is designed to be user-friendly and easy to use, making it a valuable tool for language learner
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